Coating/Special Finishing

PU coating is applied to the fabric to add various special features, including waterproofing, such as Breathable PU. This coating does not only offer waterproofs to the fabric, but also allows moisture from the body to penetrate the fabric and escape to the outside, making it comfortable to wear and not sticky. There is also a type of fireproof coating that is suitable for use with products that need to increase safety, such as curtains, furniture covers, canvas, tents, fire protection suits, etc.
Special finishes, including water reflective agents, fire retardants, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Odor, Moisture Management (Quick Dry), and others, all require specific techniques. To ensure consistently high quality, expertise in quality control and the selection of high quality raw materials are essential, as well as the development of new products to meet customer needs and increase options. This will give customers confidence in the quality of the products and encourage them to place orders repeatedly.

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